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Friday, November 6th, 2009
by David McGuinness 

Shenzhen reflection showing Shun Hing Square i...

part of downtown Shenzhen, south China

It wasn’t just the 13 hour time zone difference that kept me running on caffeine and adrenalin throughout the course of CPSE in Shenzhen, China this week.  It was the sheer number of meetings and exhibits at CPSE 2009.  Talk about a vibrant business environment — one hall was dedicated to international exhibits (Panasonic, Sony, Siemens, Axis and WPG System with OV, and the large domestic players that have sizable international distribution like Hikvision and Dahua) and the others were purely domestic products and solutions.  There was a lot to take in!

Video surveillance is clearly becoming a hi-def industry based on all of the HD product demonstrations in Shenzhen.  HD was a headline at ASIS this past September but the sheer volume at CPSE was overwhelming.  As noted around the industry, HD can be a true differentiator that moves the market for IP video.  China is still very much an analog market, but just a few percentage points in conversion growth will result in sizable channel counts for IP.

The OV network in the region has grown considerably with the OV/WPG System partnership, and the momentum is increasing.  While most of the OEM solutions in the region have been focused on the analog infrastructure, new IP releases are imminent.  And that’s where the heavy meeting schedule contributed to the lack of sleep.  Product status reviews, project reviews, pipeline reviews, regional customization, etc.  Oh, and prospective OEM partners.

The collective outlook for 2010 was very positive, so it’s time to start banking some sleep hours.

Thursday, September 10th, 2009
by Gary Myers

Since my post last week, I’ve received a number of questions and comments so I thought I’d address them as a post (hopefully for everyone’s benefit.)

As Steve Mitchell points out, the end-user definitely has an impact on the performance of the analytics and training is needed.  He drew the analogy last week about pilots and airplanes.  Stretching this pilot/plane analogy a bit, the end-users are the pilots and OV is a part of the airplane (with the whole plane being the end product delivered to market by our partners.)   OV builds a component that works in many different planes and our responsibility is to make sure it performs in a wide variety of settings.  Our OEM partners deliver the complete plane, which includes working with the pilots (users) to understand how to operate the plane (product) most effectively.

As part of the release process, we qualify our software in several ways:

  • Science testing to validate the newest release is at least as good, if not better, than prior releases. These automated tests utilize thousands of hours of videos and corresponding rules to approximate real-world scenarios. These are compared against the baseline results taking into account the metrics listed in my post.
  • Product testing to ensure that the whole product works end-to-end, including manual testing to approximate the end-user experience.

ObjectVideo focuses on testing our software for release to our partners. Different partners focus on different areas so our partners are in the best position to provide the performance criteria to the end market based upon their own test methodologies, results and sales programs. In this way, they can effectively support their analytics-enabled products and know, as well, that those products are meeting the needs of their customers.

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009
by Edward Troha

For the life of me I cannot remember a busier summer – at ObjectVideo or anywhere, for that matter. 

Right now I’m on the west coast producing a video with our friends at Cisco.  It’s an educational video that will cover all the salient points about intelligent video technology, then talk in more detail about product efforts underway.  It will be made available on-demand to their thousands of sales people and channels worldwide.  Then I’m back out west, a little further south, for ASIS next month.  There we’ll catch up with many of our partners and prospects and friends from the media – in person – which is always great.

At OV this has been a summer of partner success.  We’ve signed on 3 video management providers into the OV Ready Network since ISC West, and have additionally inked 2 new OEM deals, with 2 more we hope to announce soon.

Incoming traffic on our web site has increased significantly.  Logons to our partner information portal is up as well.  ObjectVideo has recently earned some of its best press coverage in recent memory.  (BTW, check out a bunch of new content and coverage on our News & Events page.)  And, various experts from ObjectVideo will be speaking at 4 more conferences and symposiums around the world between now and the end of the year.

I’d take a vacation but then might miss something.