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Friday, April 2nd, 2010

by Bob Cutting

ISC West asked ObjectVideo to participate in a panel discussion on the topic of where video analytics will be in the next 10 years.  Past events hosting such a discussion have yielded a somewhat “same old, same old” outcome.  But I thought the discussion at ISC resulted in a much more productive outlook to where video analytics is heading with respect to analytics technology and real world solutions for end users. 

 My key takeaway was a very consistent message from the panel on the age-old question of “where analytics?”—referring to whether we will see more analytics on the edge or on a server.  We all answered in our own way, but as I was listening to all the responses, I realized we were all saying the same thing.  What finally came out is that the question is typically only answered half-way.  People focus more on real-time video processing for event generation.  But there’s a growing solution focus on using those events or underlying metadata in more advanced ways, either for forensic searching or for correlation to other sensor outputs and data streams (POS, ATM, access control…)

So while it’s hard to argue against using edge devices with embedded analytics for video analytic processing and real-time event and data generation, there is a growing solution based on leveraging that data across multiple cameras and locations for advanced business analysis and innovative detection scenarios using multiple data inputs that require back-end, server-based systems to manage the data correlation and detection/search policies.  We’re seeing this exact trend in the market, and these future solutions further justify the value that can be extracted from video analytic technology.

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

by David McGuinness, Gary Myers and Edward Troha

Optimism. It was encouraging to hear manufacturers, integrators, a few end-users/customers and even industry analysts talking about positive plans and expectations for the year.  The adoption rate for IP solutions is gaining speed.  Although 2009 was a year of recession, IP video still grew in the 20-25% range and the promotion of IP was clearly the headline from big traditional players such as Pelco and Tyco.  Major manufacturers spoke about more new IP and analytics-enabled products in the 2010 pipeline.  Good for our industry.

Walking around, it is always interesting to see what companies are doing to draw people into their booths. Outside of the obvious, there was a car giveaway, a “game-show” which faced off attendees to see who could install an alarm panel first, former NFL players signing autographs, a Kindle giveaway, and quite a few soon-to-be-released iPad giveaways. Overall, the traffic at the show seemed to be pretty good and these approaches did draw in the people for at least a look-see. It was easy to get sucked into the booth run by a local company (non-industry) that was doing golf club fitting. They had a golf net and launch monitor with lots of clubs to try out… a certain OV golf nut came very close to going home with a new driver!

Even though there were fewer exhibitors this year, ISC West was as busy as ever.  Thinking Friday would be quiet all day, it turned out traffic didn’t thin until about 12:30.  Keeping with the ”intelligent ingredient” theme, ObjectVideo demos of several varieties were hosted by a number of solution partners, including Pelco, Genetec and DIGIOP.  In addition, it’s encouraging to see the growing opportunities the combination of ObjectVideo and Intel technologies brings to the security and business intelligence markets.  Analytics is not the solution, it just helps to bring much greater value to the solution.

Friday, February 26th, 2010

by Edward Troha

We all go to ISC West every year with an attitude of maximizing our meetings with prospective and existing partners and customers, and surviving a week of long hours and little sleep.  It’s certainly no different this year except that we have an opportunity to all get together and do something good.  When I first read about it, I jumped at the opportunity.

I’m talking about The Security 5K, a race that will be held on the 2nd morning of the show to benefit Mission 500,  whose goal is to get the security industry to sponsor 500 children-in-need through the World Vision humanitarian organization.  The Security 5K at the 2010 ISC West Expo is a first-of-a-kind event hosted in Vegas for the security industry as a whole, and is a joint collaboration between United Publications, publisher of Security Systems News and Security Director News; Reed Exhibitions, proprietors of ISC West; and Mission 500.

The run will take place on March 25th of the show from 7:30 – 8:30 am and will be extensively promoted by Mission 500, ISC West and Security Systems News. Runners will be able to register for a nominal $30 fee and ALL proceeds raised will go to charity.  Mission 500 has to date raised more than $115,000 from various sponsors and supporters from the security industry. 

For a buck a day we can help feed, educate and cater to a needy child’s health care needs.  For those of us fortunate enough to possess good health and a small amount of disposable income (that we might otherwise lose at the tables!) this is truly an opportunity to transform lives.

Click on the image for more info or to register, and I hope to see you there!