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Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
by Gary Myers

Since OV is the leader in the industry, we get asked a lot about analytics performance.  This can be hard to quantify as there are a lot of contributing factors. In general, accurate event detection is affected by some combination of camera angle, camera placement, lighting conditions, other environmental factors and system configuration. The goal when deploying and configuring an analytics-enabled system is to strike the proper balance between being too sensitive (causing false events) and not sensitive enough (causing missed events).

Over the years of building and testing our software, we’ve focused on three primary testing criteria when determining performance metrics: number of detected events, false events and missed events. The ideal case is to detect all expected events but have low numbers of false and missed events. If you catch all the expected events but you still have a lot of false ones, we would consider performance low as there will be too many nuisance events.  Likewise with the missed events – miss too many then overall user confidence goes down.

In future posts, I’ll cover some ways to improve effectiveness, either through camera setup or system adjustments, to enable the user to get the most from their investment in analytics.

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
by David McGuinness

A very interesting thing about being the industry leader is reading or hearing how everyone else is just like us, only better.  I guess it’s true that negative attention is better than no attention at all.  And it’s true in business that industry leaders are the yardstick by which competitors measure themselves.

I think our foundational roots in computer vision R&D are what gave us an early leg-up when we launched our first commercial-off-the-shelf software product in 2003, and those roots remain a core differentiator.  We learned and adapted based on real customer deployments and recognized that the best way to meet growing demand was to become an ingredient in other solutions.  Being an ingredient and not a system isn’t the only way to go to market, but it’s the strategy that has worked for us.

I think there’s room for all video analytics business models — OV just elected not to be constrained by hardware, meaning our embedded software library can run in an edge device or on a PC anywhere in the video ecosystem.  The fact that more than 40 manufacturers have signed up to embed our ObjectVideo OnBoard software in their own products proves that our business model has legs.  More importantly, these partners are selling those intelligent products all over the world.

Supported by an incredible distribution network, we remain focused on new science and improvements, new applications, interoperability, development toolkits and training.  While these advances aren’t as eye-popping as what Hollywood portrays, they do represent a significant commitment to innovation that overcomes adoption hurdles.  That’s good for us and the industry.

ObjectVideo has succeeded and grown because we’ve advanced our science, our software and the way we go to market.  If we’re being dinged for making analytics more flexible and practical, then I’ll take that kind of negative attention any day of the week.