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Monday, September 28th, 2009
by Paul Brewer

We’ve all gotten spoiled by our HDTVs at home.  I for one will never go back to NTSC.  Is the security industry heading down that same path?  You would certainly think so if you walked the show floor at ASIS this week where there was more HD than at your local Best Buy.  But the question that kept nagging at me:  Is the rest of the industry ready for HD?  Will a 1080p, or a 5 MPixel IP camera swamp the network, flood the DVR and generally be just too much for the current state of the video ecosystem?

This recent Pelco/Cisco announcement shows that there is hope. Pelco and Cisco have teamed to jointly develop new HD IP cameras based on Pelco’s Sarix platform.  This is a great team that will be able to support HiDef from the lens to the user.

What does all of this mean for the world of video analytics?  ObjectVideo has been working with HD for years—mostly on military and other federal projects.  The benefits of HD are clear.  More pixels means greater range, wider fields of view and more pixels on target.  In addition, the benefits of deploying analytics at the edge to reduce network load are compelling.

The industry is opening its eyes to HD, which will only make the value of analytics even greater.

Saturday, September 26th, 2009
by Bob Cutting

I doubt if the best way to track video analytic progress and adoption is by listening to what the analytic vendors are saying and doing.  That’s why I like to visit video management and PSIM booths at shows to see what they are doing with analytics.  I find they have a unique perspective as customers often turn to them to bring video management, storage, analytics and other data together.  So rather than looking just at “what analytics can do,” it’s interesting to see how users want to leverage analytics as part of an overall video system.  And that’s consistent with what OV has been professing for a long time—analytics IS a vital ingredient to video surveillance applications, but not an application in itself. 

At ASIS 2009, after looking around the booths of companies like Milestone, Genetec, ONSSI, VidSys, Synectics, Cisco, Instek, and a few others (some OV partners, others not), and talking with the people there, it’s pleasing to see a much more advanced take on analytics.  More of these companies are making analytics a strategic part of their offering.  What Synectics is doing with their Dataveillance program is spot on.  As well, I saw applications that I have not tracked in the past (e.g., SoleraTec) leveraging analytic data to solve things such as intelligent video storage, search and retention. This is great for the end user as it enhances the usability of analytics and delivers the necessary video + analytic integration—two obstacles that have hindered analytics adoption in the past. 

Unfortunately, I still saw the side-by-side demos; those vendors who just want to “plug in” analytics may find themselves late to the game.  And why would you have a separate analytic search tool from an analytics vendor in addition to your video management platform? Leading VMS’s are building those analytic capabilities into a unified video system, and it’s clear that that is what system integrators and end users want to buy.  Standardization efforts will help in coming months, but it will take more vision and “listen to the customer” activity from analytics vendors to not just deliver functionality, but deliver it in a more usable and scalable way.

Thursday, September 24th, 2009
by Edward Troha

What can I say about ASIS 2009 that you haven’t already heard from people you know who were there? It was definitely slower than years past, not unexpectedly. It was located this year smack dab in the middle of a world dominated by fantasy and the undying hope that dreams-really-do-come-true. Let’s hope some of that rubbed off on the dealmakers who rely on this event as their last hope to salvage a decent sales year.

BTW, don’t pronounce it “as-is” to an ASIS person – they seem to get offended if you don’t spell it “A-S-I-S”. Even though there may be a connotation of complacency in the more common pronunciation, this show was chock full of activity and certainly a success for ObjectVideo.

With our high-value ingredient brand strategy really taking hold in the market, we were featured in no less than 8 partner locations on the floor. Pelco, Cisco, Genetec and Verint were among those, plus 2 we were not even aware of going in (thanks Synectics and Coleman Technologies!)

I spent a good amount of time with media & analyst folks, several of whom were interested in Pelco’s recent announcement about the availability of OV analytics on the Sarix camera line. Others wanted to know more about DIGIOP’s 220-store retail deployment at The Limited, further validating the value of using intelligent technology for business intelligence and operations improvement.

Oh yes, and the parties were great – an opportunity to kick back and spend some quality time with partners. I won’t soon forget the smooth, caramelly, slightly spicy taste of the sample of top-shelf 11 year-old tequila at the Verint party. Not much of a drinker normally but that was VERY good stuff.

In this industry, some things need to change, like the attitude of the old-school security practitioner who picked a fight with me on the hotel shuttle bus because I inadvertantly bumped him with my bag. Was he mad at the world because technology is intruding into his business? I didn’t share that I was “one of them.”

And some things should never change, like taking good care of your partners – especially when tequila is NOT involved.