by Raul Fernandez

Since January 1st, OV has experienced a number of exciting changes. We closed our recapitalization transaction with a new financial partner, York Capital Management, and have since added an IP licensing program to our business. The company has a strong balance sheet, no debt, and had a great Q1. Furthermore, OV has demonstrated its continued commitment to innovation by recently announcing our support for the ARM processor.

We have also attracted some great, new talent to join the outstanding team that we already have in place. Bill Marino, OV’s Chief Intellectual Property Officer, and Anthony Grillo, Senior Vice President of Litigation and Licensing, join our team after a successful IP licensing stint at Saxon Innovations. Both individuals have over 15 years of experience in the realm of IP management, assertion, and protection.

After nearly three years at GE and later UTC, Alan Lipton will be returning to OV as the CTO of our IP licensing group. Khanh Lam, General Manager of Asia, comes to OV from Intersil (formerly Techwell) with 18 years of experience in the high tech industry. And finally, Albert Au, Manager of Application Engineering with a focus on supporting our Asian OEM’s, joins our team from Aptina Imaging and has 10 years of experience offering technical support to video solutions providers.

I am excited to step back into the role of CEO, and I look forward to updating all of you on OV’s progress moving forward.



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