by Bob Cutting

I doubt if the best way to track video analytic progress and adoption is by listening to what the analytic vendors are saying and doing.  That’s why I like to visit video management and PSIM booths at shows to see what they are doing with analytics.  I find they have a unique perspective as customers often turn to them to bring video management, storage, analytics and other data together.  So rather than looking just at “what analytics can do,” it’s interesting to see how users want to leverage analytics as part of an overall video system.  And that’s consistent with what OV has been professing for a long time—analytics IS a vital ingredient to video surveillance applications, but not an application in itself. 

At ASIS 2009, after looking around the booths of companies like Milestone, Genetec, ONSSI, VidSys, Synectics, Cisco, Instek, and a few others (some OV partners, others not), and talking with the people there, it’s pleasing to see a much more advanced take on analytics.  More of these companies are making analytics a strategic part of their offering.  What Synectics is doing with their Dataveillance program is spot on.  As well, I saw applications that I have not tracked in the past (e.g., SoleraTec) leveraging analytic data to solve things such as intelligent video storage, search and retention. This is great for the end user as it enhances the usability of analytics and delivers the necessary video + analytic integration—two obstacles that have hindered analytics adoption in the past. 

Unfortunately, I still saw the side-by-side demos; those vendors who just want to “plug in” analytics may find themselves late to the game.  And why would you have a separate analytic search tool from an analytics vendor in addition to your video management platform? Leading VMS’s are building those analytic capabilities into a unified video system, and it’s clear that that is what system integrators and end users want to buy.  Standardization efforts will help in coming months, but it will take more vision and “listen to the customer” activity from analytics vendors to not just deliver functionality, but deliver it in a more usable and scalable way.

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4 Responses to “user understanding”

  1. Sue Massey Says:

    I discovered your blog. Very interesting posts and well written. I will put this site on my blogroll.

  2. John Honovich Says:

    Hi Bob, I agree with you that talking to the VMS vendors about video analytics is useful. Specifically, I like to ask them about the sales levels of video analytics. Many major VMS companies tell me privately that the sales of video analytics are below expectations and that video analytics is used in only a small fraction of projects.

    This is an important factor in increasing my skepticism of video analytics’ success in the marketplace.

  3. Ed Troha Says:

    Thank you Sue and we look forward to future comments.

    - Ed

  4. Bob Cutting Says:

    First of all, Sue, thanks for your comments…truly appreciated.

    John, excellent point as always. While I’m making the point that tighter solution delivery between analytics and VMS platforms will significantly impact adoption, you can’t just look to the VMS providers today to offer an accurate assessment of analytic success. OV is experiencing significant uptake in licensing sales through our OEM partners and we are hitting our targets and exceeding licensing distirbution quarter over quarter.

    We are still in the phase of needing an SI to bring the pieces together, and what is deployed is not always the tightly integrated solution set I describe in my post. So we still have “side by side” deployments going on, which the VMS companies may not even recognize as having analytics as part of “their projects.”

    I will agree (and it’s the basis of this post) that the MORE analytics are positioned as a joint offering with VMS solutions, the better it will be for the analytics industry. So our concurrent tracking of that feedback from the VMS companies will be an important indicator of continued analytic market success. I am encouraged about what I saw at ASIS and what our partners are doing with OV analytics and integrations and I predict the feedback from the companies in the future will be increasingly positive.

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