by Bob Cutting

On a very recent trip to China I experienced one of those very cool moments when you see a lot of engineering investment, business strategy and hard work all come together. 

I was in Guangzhou at the Global Digital Surveillance Forum, and one of our OV Ready partners that is based there hosted a demonstration of this open standard analytics integration with a Pelco Sarix camera embedded with ObjectVideo software.  The demonstration went well, but it was during the impromptu reception afterward in a cramped conference room when I had this epiphany.

Eight companies were represented, small and large, each from various areas within the video surveillance market.  With my Mandarin ranging from rusty to non-existent, I sat back and tried to take it all in.  Drawings were sketched; ideas were shared; solutions were crafted.  And while I could only understand the occasional “OnBoard” and “ObjectVideo” and “OV Ready”, the flow of the discussion was clear:

Software companies AND device manufacturers were sharing experiences of their independent OV Ready integrations.  Together, these companies were collectively showing what they can accomplish together as a collaborative network of intelligent solution providers.

Most importantly, ObjectVideo didn’t lead the discussion.  Rather, I sat back with a satisfied smile on my face.

The point: Open standards and a clear path to interoperability gets companies to talk together.  This is no longer the finger-pointing “I’m-not-going-to-build-it.” SDK days.  Published standards transcend project-specific integrations and shift the discussion from engineering cost to strategic investment, meeting a dramatically greater number of customer solution requirements. 

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