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Thursday, September 6th, 2012

by Warren Brown

Welcome to my first post on blogOV.

Since taking over as President in July, there has been strong interest from many customers, partners and connections for more information about all aspects of OV’s business. I’ve never been accused of being at a loss for words, so I thought we’d reinvigorate blogOV as part of an expanded reach-out to everyone in the market. Over the coming weeks and months, stay tuned to this space for a variety of updates – from the innovative work we are doing with cutting-edge analytics for a number of government agencies to the latest updates to our software and recent news from our patent licensing program. It is a very exciting time here at OV and I have the privilege of working with a very talented, motivated team.

To start off the conversation, I want to share some more information about our patent licensing program. My hope is that this post and the additional content I reference will help to clarify any misunderstandings that may exist and make it clearer what the program is all about. OV has been working on creating great video analytics for more than 10 years. As a result, our team of PhDs and computer vision scientists has come up with a number of key innovations to help improve the accuracy and efficiency of video analytics; we have patented many of these technologies. We are now working with most of the major analytics manufacturers in the security industry to license these technologies, ensuring that OV is compensated for their use of our intellectual property and, for patent licensees, give them the ability to build new and innovative products that take advantage of those patented – and licensed – technologies.

We have five existing licensees and expect to announce several more soon. To help explain the program and address many of the questions I have received, we have put together an FAQ (download a copy HERE) that gives a more detailed status update.

In summary, our patent licensing program is adding new licensees all the time and we’ve recently added a new set of benefits for our licensees to further help them build their business. We expect this momentum to continue. (learn more HERE)

Please have a read of the FAQ doc and let us know if it answers your questions. If not, feel free to comment below, give us a call or drop us a line and we will continue the dialogue.




Friday, April 15th, 2011

by Raul Fernandez

Since January 1st, OV has experienced a number of exciting changes. We closed our recapitalization transaction with a new financial partner, York Capital Management, and have since added an IP licensing program to our business. The company has a strong balance sheet, no debt, and had a great Q1. Furthermore, OV has demonstrated its continued commitment to innovation by recently announcing our support for the ARM processor.

We have also attracted some great, new talent to join the outstanding team that we already have in place. Bill Marino, OV’s Chief Intellectual Property Officer, and Anthony Grillo, Senior Vice President of Litigation and Licensing, join our team after a successful IP licensing stint at Saxon Innovations. Both individuals have over 15 years of experience in the realm of IP management, assertion, and protection.

After nearly three years at GE and later UTC, Alan Lipton will be returning to OV as the CTO of our IP licensing group. Khanh Lam, General Manager of Asia, comes to OV from Intersil (formerly Techwell) with 18 years of experience in the high tech industry. And finally, Albert Au, Manager of Application Engineering with a focus on supporting our Asian OEM’s, joins our team from Aptina Imaging and has 10 years of experience offering technical support to video solutions providers.

I am excited to step back into the role of CEO, and I look forward to updating all of you on OV’s progress moving forward.



Monday, April 26th, 2010

by Brian Baker

Okay, I admit, I put that in the headline because it is a headline. The name of this Iceland volcano is also a tongue twister of a word that no one with English as a first language could ever imagine being created from the letters of a Latin-based alphabet. It is, however, entrenched in my mind for a long time to come, even if I will never be able to pronounce it properly.

LIVE shot of Eyjafjallajökull at the time of this blogOV post.

As I write this, I should be just getting back from Europe meetings with customers and my team that is based there.  I make this trip from Washington, DC about once every 6-8 weeks.  This time, however, the ash cloud that closed European air space also froze my travel plans.

At some point over the weekend of Apr 18-19, my common sense overcame my hopes that the flight ban would be lifted and I would get out on schedule with a Sunday departure. The more I read and followed the television news stories, the more I realized even if United could get me to London, there was no guarantee Lufthansa would be able to get me to the rest of my destinations. Ultimately both ended up cancelling my flights and I stayed home.

The skies have since reopened and, provided Eyjafjallajökull cooperates, I will be back to Europe beginning May 8th to attend the IFSEC global security trade show in Birmingham, UK. I am looking forward to this show. It is usually a pretty good one and worth attending – even if my wife gets left home alone every year with our kids on Mother’s day.

ObjectVideo will have at least six partners exhibiting at this show in either their own or shared stands. These partners include: Synectics, SeeTec, Canon, Genetec, Brickcom and SAE. Two of those partners, Europe-based Synectics and SeeTec, released their OV-enabled products in Q1 2010. It will be good to see them on display.

Additionally, I have been invited to participate on a panel: “Dataveillance – The New Breed of Surveillance” in the Hall 4 theatre from 13:45 – 14:15 on Tuesday, May 11th.

See you there.